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Shoe boutique in south Columbia closing

After an exhaustive review of my business I have concluded that Arches Footwear is not getting traction in the marketplace fast enough to stay in business, and therefore I will begin the process of closing my shoe store. I am still meeting new customer’s everyday at the store, and I welcome anyone who has not had a chance to stop by and shop to do so. You can help support me in this decision to liquidate by shopping a great selection of name brand shoes at reduced prices.

Arches Footwear was something I poured an immense amount of time and energy in to. I have an entrepreneur mentality and opened the store front after testing a mobile shoe business concept that received positive feedback as well as support for a more permanent and larger footprint. The boutique was born after exhaustive research revealed the mid-Missouri community had a strong desire for a more convenient option to finding great brands and styles of shoes on the south side of Columbia.

If you could place a value on the time I’ve spent building this business from an idea, to launching a shoe truck and then pivoting in to a brick and mortar with an ecommerce arm as a real world MBA; then I consider myself graduating at the top of my class. This business is a physical reflection of everything I’ve learned about retail and the footwear industry since dating back to around 2012.

I will be keeping the online shopping portion of the business at www.archesfootwear.com open through the store’s final days, but I would like to remind those interested in getting the best deals to come to the boutique. We’ve always carried a lot more selection in our store than what is on our website. We just began marking everything down and haven’t gotten to all of the items listed online yet.

Another benefit of coming by the store is that for anyone thinking about relocating or opening their business I encourage them to consider checking out my store’s space in Nifong Square. The space will be available for lease (click this link for more details on the space) and was built out using local experts in their fields with high quality finishes.

If you’re wondering what’s next for me, I’m not exactly sure right now, but I am open to hearing about opportunities that you may know about. I have a lot of transferable skills that I think would greatly benefit anyone that would like to invite me to be a part of their team. I am especially excited about and interested in anything that involves strategic communications.

To anyone who has been a part of this journey to date, thank you. I could not have gotten this far with out your support.


Additional details about the closing can be found at www.ArchesFootwear.com and on our social media accounts.

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